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This go-anywhere, hands-free camera is perfect for the white-knuckle-rider in you. The website alone makes us want to strap on a helmet mounted with this mini camera and heli-ski the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately for us we don’t ski. And we're scared of heights. And speed. But that doesn’t make this gadget any less awesome!

With a 720 x 480 pixel video camera, a 5 megapixel still camera and the ability to support 16GB memory cards you’ll never miss another gnarly display of man-action again. The built in LCD screen lets you instantly playback video, so you can witness instantly the insane air off that mountain ridge (you can edit to delete the whole naked 'tree' debacle).

Disregard for a minute the ridiculously high video quality offered by this pint-sized powerhouse and check this out - the Action Camera comes equipped with a wireless remote that lets you stop and start your videos without reaching up or down to adjust directly on the device, so you still have your arms free to flip the bird at the world as you sail down mountain sides like snow.

Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera, $200,