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The Sevylor Inflatable SUP: Surf’s Up! (Or Down)

Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

The Pitch

It’s a rubber surfboard – well, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) - which packs down into a rucksack and, through the magic of pressurized air, inflates to a full-size board for water-based frolics.

What It Really Is

Be sure of one thing, this is no cheap inflatable toy you might pick up on impulse from one of those dusty old beachfront shacks that sell crap to drunks and kids. Neither will it fall foul of your alcohol-fueled aqua floundering after a single skinny dip, as it’s constructed from hardcore nylon and bound together by some serious stitching that makes it almost as rigid as a conventional board. Sure, you may get the odd stare from sunbathers as you unpack your latex lump from its dedicated rucksack sheath, and fellow surfers may scoff as you pump pressured air into its lifeless rubber husk, but once you’re fully inflated (which is remarkably quick and easy thanks to the high-pressure pump provided) you’ve got yourself a competent and sturdy piece of kit to hit the waves with. It comes equipped with removable fins for greater stability in the water, an anti-slip footpad, and a bungee strap for a leash or to stow your valuables. We also quite liked the smell of the rubber when we first took it out of the box, but that’s just us.

Who It's For

Those of you who don’t own a VW Camper, Hawaiian shirts, and Beach Boys albums, but who want to enjoy the water and then pack your board away into the back of a compact. Ready-Made Press Blurb

“No need to lie low on this state-of-the-art lilo!”

Fun Fact

Back in June 2011, Alex Linnell, a 21-year-old paddle nut, became the first person ever to row the entire length of the Mississippi river. It took him 70 days and he covered a whopping 2,323 miles (that’s about the approximate length of The Big Muddy. As there were five rest days on his epic journey down America’s second longest river, it means he covered nearly 36 miles each day! Now, we’re not suggesting that you attempt a similar feat, but we’re not not suggesting that, either.



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