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SYNC by 50 Wireless Headphones

Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

Mr. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson wants to own your earholes.

The Pitch: 50 Cent doesn’t play when it comes to audio quality and these headphones look as good as they sound.

What It Really Is: Extremely comfortable wireless headphones that sound great and scream style...well, they don’t really scream. They don’t have mouths. (That sort of technology is still decades away.) They operate via wireless “Kleer” technology and feature 16-bit lossless digital sound and work up to 50-feet from the source. They come in “shadow black” or “ghost white” and the hard-shell black case lined with teal keeps all the necessary components safe: A wireless dongle, power charger, micro-USB cable and audio cable with a mic for hands-free with phone usage. Syncing the dongle--teehee, that word always makes us giggle--is a mindless one-step process and the controls on the headphones are simple to access without having to see them (volume up/down, next/previous track).

What’s Cool About It: Even though these are super high-tech wireless ear huggers, if you run out of juice while on the go you can use the standard audio cable included and they become regular headphones. Granted, with a 17-hour battery life, your iPod will run out of power before these headphones.

Headphone Party! Up to 4 people can listen from the same source, provided they also have a pair of Sync headphones. We’re not sure where this would come in handy, but we’re happy it exists for the experimental “no speakers allowed” foursome we’ve been planning.

Any Problems? We wouldn’t call it a problem, but more of an optional style preference. When in use there’s a blue flashing light that blinks--just like an old school bluetooth headset--which won’t bother you but might annoy the crap out of those around you. You can disable it, thankfully, but if you don’t, at least the soft memory foam ear cushions will soften the haymaker thrown from the guy sitting next to you on the train going crazy from the strobe.

Who’s It For: People who love music and hate wires; Dr. Dre so he can hear the competition creeping up on his Beats.


Price: $290