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The 7 Saddest Moments at CES 2010

We came. We saw. We facepalmed. This year's Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone and while we witnessed some of the greatest new gadgets in action, we also were left speechless, embarrassed, and disgusted by a few suspect inventions. These are our picks...

The TV Hat
We get the problem it's trying to solve (enlarging the iPhone miniscule screen), but donning a face burka and looking like an asshat (literally, even) probably isn't the answer. We could be wrong though.

Ed Hardy 'Icing'
Our prediction: A full line of iPhone faceplates engraved with "Female Body Inspector" will debut at next year's show.

Acousticom's Sound Egg
Gaming peripherals taken to the egg-treme. (Har har!) At least your Xbox Live friends won't be able to see you looking like an idiot.

Talking Robo, the Personal Tutor Robot
This is probably the cutest way to learn Hindi ever.

Phubby, the Wrist Cubby for Mobile Phones
We're actually writing this blog post wearing a Snuggie and a Phubby.

Worst Cold Pitch: "Hey, Wanna Read the Japanese Yellow Pages in Spanish?"
Sure—but, we don't know either. Thanks, Tyloon!

Rows and Rows of 3D Glasses
Fine...3D is going to be the next "big thing" in HDTVs, thanks to Avatar. (Besides, you haven't seen Watchmen until you've seen Dr. Manhattan's blue dong in three dimensions.) But, please, for the love of G-O-D, make some sleeker eyewear for us masses to wear.

Dishonorable Mention from the Porn Convention: This Guy and His Plastic Woman
Cruising the Adult Entertainment Expo, you're bound to find some crazy shit, like this Japanese PR guy bouncing a plastic girl in a sailor outfit on his lap. It sells itself, really.