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For: The Jazz Hands! - Monster Miles Davis Trumpet
Endorsed by Miles Davis

First things first: We can’t decide whether it’s an honor or an abomination to use a dead jazz great to sell headphones. Implica­tions aside, these horn-shaped buds are some of the cushiest we’ve ever planted in our sound holes. Sure, the price may be miles high (get it?), but the sound was silky smooth. $350,

For: The Studio Junkie!- Soul by Ludacris SL150
Endorsed by Ludacris

Watch out for traffic­—Luda’s on-ears made testers feel like they were enclosed in a soundproof booth. And while our guinea pigs praised the way the bass bopped and the treble tremored, the heavyset headset caused some to bark about the bulk. And the flashy intergalactic style may not appeal to all Earthlings. $200,

For: The Remarkably Well-Preserved 40-Year-Old!- Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator
Endorsed by Jay-Z

If they’ve got 99 problems, sound and com­- fort ain’t one. And unlike some heavy-duty over-the-ear jobs, whose hefty structure can feel like a Vise-Grip against your temples, this set is blessed with a light­weight build that kept them comfy even after hours of giving us an earjob. $150,

For: The Trustafarian!- House of Marley Freedom Collection Redemption Song
Endorsed by the Marley family

Ya, mon, finally some Marley-branded reggae-phones to go with your fake dreads. The bass from these “eco-friendly” headphones (huh?!) had some of our testers jammin’, but others griped that the rasta-striped cord looked like a friendship bracelet. $80,

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