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The Four Most Over-the-Top Grills

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing in a way that’s likely to set fire to your neighbor’s house.



Kalamazoo 900 Series Free-Standing Gas Grill with Side Burner 
Base price:
Like a bipolar pyromaniac, the Kalamazoo 900 Series Free-Standing Gas Grill with Side Burner can cook your meat in the traditional BBQ style, with the low 225 degrees, or it can sear it to a crisp with 800 degrees of heat. Its cooking quiver includes the ability to roast, bake, or blacken, and it’s even got a smoker box. You know - for smoking.



BBQ Lodge Concession Trailer 
Starts at $62,750
Why get a simple grill when you can get a mobile cooking cabin? The BBQ Lodge Concession Trailer looks like the unholy offspring of an outdoor kitchen and Abe Lincoln’s log cabin. Its 8’x22’ kitchen comes loaded with “essentials” like a deep fryer, refrigerator and a grill big enough to roast enough meat to feed your entire reunion. It’s also, short of a terrible burning incident, the only time you’ll be able to sleep inside your grill.



54" Free Standing Grill with ProSear Burner and Rotisserie 
A fully loaded outdoor kitchen is the ultimate in Cribs-worthy extravagances (seriously: Even Bobby Flay probably uses his only twice per year). This sucker fills your yard with a grill, searing station, bar area and mini fridge. Maybe money truly can buy friends! On a related note, we’ve got two bucks in change and a stick of gum – want to hang out with us?

RH Peterson E 060s Portable Gas Grill 
Just look at this thing. Its 115,000 BTU main burner could fuel a small town, while a pair of 30,000 BTU side burners sit waiting as its wingmen. Our favorite feature: a built-in wood chip smoker, complete with a dedicated 3,000 BTU burner. Bonus: it could totally double as the bridge of the Enterprise if you feel like making a Star Trek fan movie! So long as it’s a Star Trek fan movie where Kirk and Spock are having a cookout.