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The New Streetfighter Bike's Naked Punch


Most “naked” production motorcycles (stripped-down bikes without fairings) are built to go fast in a straight line and make you look good dragging on a cigarette in the parking lot. But try dragging a knee on one and you’ll see performance isn’t their strong suit. That might change this spring when Ducati drops its brand-spankin’-new Streetfighter, a lightweight street bike with track-killing cred. On top of the obvious—an angry 155 hp twin-cylinder engine plucked out of Ducati’s 1098 superbike—this undressed, trellis-framed work of chiseled metal and carbon fiber also hides some high-tech developments that’ll really pop your wheelie. Check it:

SPEC Check
MSRP: $14,995/$18,995 for the S model
Engine: 1098 L-twin cylinder, four-valve-per-cylinder Desmodromic liquid-cooled 1099 cc Testastretta Evoluzione engine
0–60: 2.7 seconds
Estimated top speed: Undisclosed

Get a Grip
With immense power between your legs, you’d better have a backup plan: traction control! Unlike the tech that keeps you from doing donuts in a rental car, the eight-way adjustable system on the S model lets you fine-tune your sliding like Al Roker on a luge track.

Sweet Memories
Track-day geeks, unite: Not only does the Streetfighter keep tabs on your every move via a computer that records speed, rpm, and gear selection, it also remembers when and where traction control kicked in so you can accurately measure your manhood.

Not-So-Heavy Metal
Anyone can strip a fairing off a sport bike, but few can trim an already muscular body into Olympic shape. At 368 pounds dry, the Streetfighter boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio of any naked bike. Now, about your paunch…