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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day may be the most painful day of the year but the key to making it through is to keep your eye on the prize: fenagle St. Valentine's help in getting you and your girl's heart rate up, if you catch our drift. Ladies like V-day and you like ladies, so utilize this gift guide to make sure the ladies like you in return.

Help her battle the winter temps with this hand-made silk scarf dyed organically with color from flowers, leaves and fruits. She’ll love it so much, it may just be the only thing she wears tonight.

Step it up beyond the framed photo gift and present her with this all-in-one digital photo frame, printer and editing station.

If your lady translates V-day to bling party, you've struck gold with this necklace/watch duo. The shine will distract her until next February 14.


You'll ride into her heart (oh yeah, we went there) with this girls-only set of wheels.


Give the gift of streamlined and comfortable travel with this all-holding hoodie complete with a relaxing neck pillow.


This unexpected gift 'o love will help regulate her humid/dry digs and works as an unscented air freshener. Better than the weird dessert-scented candles she keeps lighting.

Ditch the generic flower idea and score points for giving flowers all the time with this self-maintaining garden.


Celebrate another 364 days free of St. Valentine and seem romantic at the same time by breaking open a bottle of exotic-flavored soda.

Don't know art from your ass? Show your artistic side (she won't know you're faking it) with this high-speed vase.

We won't leave you hanging: check back for more gift ideas in the coming weeks. Maxim's Valentine's Day Gift Guide will help you ace your least, and her favorite, day of the year.