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We got it in the mail

Want to know where to buy all these ridicul-awesome products? Read on!

We’ve featured some really stupid (but kind of amazing) stuff in our “We Got It In The Mail” videos. Here’s where you can find some of it, if you feel like blowing some of your hard-earned cash.

Medea Vodka 
Want to express yourself through the medium of scrolling LEDs on the side of a bottle of vodka? Good for you, sir!

Blunt Magic 
Ever needed to disguise the smell of your, er, “jazz cigarettes”? Now you can! Because, “I’m smoking something that smells strongly of grapes” is in no way suspicious.

It’s an Obama-shaped vibrator – perfect for either making sweet love to or hate-fucking, depending on your political stance (which would, either way, be “bent over”, presumably).

Want to get violently probed by a TSA agent? Here’s what to wear!

The Climber
For when box wine is too classy, now you can get it in a bag.