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Wet Tech


Unlike the Gremlins, these gadgets can get wet. Just don't feed them after midnight.



M-Edge Guardian For Amazon Kindle
Amazon’s e-book reader handles a dip in the pool even worse than a regular book, but this watertight case provides a secure seal using dual hinges, an integrated gasket, and four latches. It retains total functionality even when fully submerged, something you can’t get from a paper book or magazine unless you tear out and laminate every single page.



Eton Scorpion Radio
Does your cell run out of juice at the damnedest times, like while you’re utterly lost in the wilds of the beach parking lot? Lay this ultra-burly flash-light/radio/charger in the sun—or just turn the hand crank—and you’ll get enough of a charge to make an emergency call. Then you can listen to lite FM until help arrives.



Kodak PlaySport
Underwater HD video rigs used by the pros can cost as much as a new Kia, but Kodak’s fearless little shooter undercuts ’em by capturing full 1080p HD video and 5 mp photos at depths of up to 10 feet—for cheap. It’s also equipped with image stabilization, so you can get smooth, clear footage of the shark eating you.



Casio G’zone Brigade
$250 with two-year contract
Built to MILSPEC standards, the Brigade is the first toughened-up cell phone that features a QWERTY keyboard, so you can flip it open and casually IM your buddies from extreme environments like the back country or your local waterpark.



Olympus Stylus Tough-3000
This sprightly little 12-megapixel compact cam can withstand a five-foot drop, 14-degree temperatures, and up to 10 feet of water. Plus, it shoots 720p HD video and has dual image stabilization, so just add duct tape and you’ve got yourself a killer makeshift helmet cam.