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Wheel Genius


Skip the spandex and bike to work with this rad pedaling gear.


Get a Street-Tough Ride
Most commuter bikes are either too soft (retro cruisers perfect for Jean-Luc to pedal to the café) or too brutal (brakeless boutique fixies made for messenger wannabes). This year the biggest bike manufacturer in the world gets the city bike right by taking the middle path. The Giant Seek 2 sports a street-tough but spine-forgiving aluminum alloy frame, a peppy 24-speed Shimano drive train, and disk brakes for stopping all that gnarlitude. And a nice price, too.


Secure Your Skull
Forget your aero-dweeb helmet and get a bomb-proof brain bucket that’s retro tough. Packed with EPS foam, the vented Bern Watts will keep you from showing up at work looking like Carrie at the prom.


Wear Clip-Free Kicks
Leave the clip-ons to grape-smuggling Lycra lovers. This DVS Milan CTC Cadence looks casual but means business. A stiff insole increases heel/arch support and boosts pedaling strength.


On Lockdown
Sure, the OnGuard 5112 Brute Mini weighs four pounds. But its 18 mm hardened steel frame delivers would-be jackers a clear message: “Touch me and I will dryhump your mother.”


Bag It
Sack up with the Chrome Pawn, a messenger bag that’s durable (Cordura nylon), waterproof (the seam is sealed with a roll top), and practically roomy enough to sublet.