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Wheel Power

Seems like everyone we speak to this summer's got a bike, getting a bike, thinking about getting a bike. If you live in a little village where streets have two lanes, and cars doing twenty turn heads then a bike will work. Here in New York City where the other side of the street is sometimes more of an educated guess than a solid visible certainty, and every other vehicle has an angry taxi man behind the wheel with an ever-shortening shift and a maniacal misanthropic vendetta against anyone else on the road, riding a bicycle is quite a different bag of tricks.

Bicycles though, are environmentally friendly, a great form of exercise, and a convenient way to travel, three pluses that go some way to balancing out the whole death-by-bumber on the BQE scenario. Zipping about the city this summer sounds great, and while lugging the bicycle up and down from our fifth-floor walk-up does not, zipping about the city does. We're getting one. This one.

This is the PUBLIC D8, an 8-speed city slicker that looks a little like an old beach cruiser, but built for the burn. These stylish intermediaries are influenced by the European streets of yore, and available now but buy a helmet too. Those streets are mean.