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Witness the Fitness: Coldpole

A recent Reuters study suggests that regular drinkers get more exercise than teetotalers. Which means the more you drink, the fitter you are. Which means drinking heavily is good for your health. Okay, we're not entirely clear on the logic here, but whatever the case, now you can accomplish both at once with the revolutionary Coldpole.  This specially engineered ski pole has a lid on each handle which unscrews allowing skiers to enjoy a swig of the sauce while they sashay down the slopes. Try putting a different drink in each pole to spice things up a bit.  Forget fussy flasks and fears of 50-foot fumbles from the chair lift. This pole has the look, feel, and comfort of your average ski pole with a high grade, strong, lightweight aluminum shaft, plastic handle, and nylon strap.  Each Coldpole holds about 8 oz. of liquid, a half pint per pole! Stay fit. Ski. Get smashed (and not necessarily in that order).

$80 per pair,