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Woman With a Tool: Dig This!

A sturdy shovel that takes you underground with ease? Yes, please.

“Ditchdigger” is widely accepted shorthand for “crappy job,” but that might not be the case if more members of the profession got their mitts on the Jackson J-250 Kodiak Round Point Shovel with Titanium Xtra. A sturdy 48-inch North American ash handle leads down to a commercial-grade 14-gauge carbon-steel blade that boasts a forward-turned step for reliable foot placement. Even better, that blade is reinforced with titanium (the next best thing to adamantium, comic book nerds) for durability, toughness, and truly glorious sod busting. So, yeah, this puppy makes shoveling fun. Now if only the same could be said of, you know, your actual crappy job. $25,

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