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Woman with a Tool: Seriously Hammered

Get more break, less shake with a jackhammer that’s as smart as it is strong.

Is it possible for us to describe a hot new jackhammer without resorting to sexual innuendo? We’re giving it a shot with the Makita HM1214C Demo Hammer, which stands out from the pack for two hard-to-beat reasons. One, antivibration technology brings earthquake engineering science to the power tool world. AVT’s a groundbreaking (get it?) counterbalance system that directs the
14-amp motor’s energy at the busted porch you’re breaking, rather than at you, for three times less vibration, lower noise, and higher efficiency than other models. Two, the Makita’s 27-pound weight and user-friendly in-line design let you hammer away in both horizontal and vertical positions like…Ron Jeremy? Damn, almost made it. $939,

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