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Zepp Baseball Swing Analyzer

Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

The Pitch
Simply sync Zepp's Chiclet-sized device to your iOS or Android device, mount it on the nub of a bat, put a ball on a tee, and swing away. You’ll get a 360-degree rendering of the swing along with detailed information like bat speed, time the bat is in the hitting zone, and bat angle at impact. This will focus your practice in the cage and make your swing more efficient on the diamond.

What It Really Is
A humbling reminder of how much your athletic skills have atrophied since you jacked that big homer for your Little League team, but also a pretty good tool for quickly developing some competence and efficiency in your swing (more than one guy at the office failed to make contact with the ball off the tee on their first swing, or hit the ball terribly astray. We have a hole in the ceiling and shards of glass in the lobby to prove it). With enough reps, however, you can’t help but smooth out your swing as you try to achieve the target numbers the Zepp sets for you.

Who It’s For
You, especially if you led your softball league in whiffs and GIDPs again. Instead of stewing about it, you can spend the winter in your garage, backyard, or basement, fixing your swing and, let’s face it, working out some of your frustration. Ripping the ball becomes addictive - we tested the $150-device weeks ago, and our art director is still taking hacks, trying to coax just one more mph out of his swing.

What’s Missing
Chaw. And a good-size net. Hopefully we didn’t need to tell you that.

What’s Extra Cool
Zepp has golf and tennis versions in case you sufficiently master the baseball swing. Or give up.


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