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Pick Hotties for Fun and Profit!

hotties_draft.jpgIn a flagging economy, any financial advisor worth his 75-dollar tan will tell you to invest in the blue chips: bonds, treasury notes and hot girls. Or so we learned when we received an e-mail… and another e-mail… and—oh, Jesus Christ—a stalky phone call yesterday desperately seeking—nay, demanding—the final rankings of our 10 Hometown Hotties finalists for the fantasy game that a group of Chicago traders devised based on our contest.

Their game is simple (or insanely complicated if you're not an economics egghead): Just before the semifinal round of 100 girls, 10 participants each drafted 10 girls ranked according to their photos, video and predictive marketability. The average player spent eight hours intensively researching the field prior to the draft, poring through Hotties data, analyzing T/A ratios and watching idly as our economy plunged into depression at breakneck speed. Values updated daily and fluctuated wildly, especially with the commercial appearances of finalists April and Arianny with and UFC, respectively. After a buy-in of $250, the teams made head-to-head side bets in each round of the contest that far exceeded the initial buy-in. Grand prize wins $1,700. Second place is a set of steak knives. Third place is, you're fired.

All these guys needed in order to determine a winner were the rankings of the 10 finalists. Only problem is, we never had any intention of releasing them. In fact, in six years of the contest, we've never disclosed the 1-10 placement of our finalists. But for these guys we've never met before? Anything! So, without further ado, your 2008 Hometown Hotties finalists countdown, as determined by our users…

10. Sarah Manganello, Hanson, MA

9. Rachael Cornwell, Chester, SC

8. Tiffany Stone, White Lake, MI

7. Rachel Kagay, Abingdon, MD

6. Alicia Whitten, Simi Valley, CA

5. Brooke Weisbender, Salt Lake City, UT

4. Nicole Pisarri, Palm Harbor, FL

3. Lolly Malone, El Paso, TX

2. Arianny Celeste, Las Vegas, NV

1. April Rose, Chicago, IL