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5 Games From E3 We Want NOW!

Mark your calendars. Here are the games at E3 that will soon dominate your life.

Planetside 2

Wait Time: Just a matter of days! Could be ready by the time you read this sentence.
Taking the best parts of Risk and your favorite sci-fi FPSer, Planetside 2 is coming in the very near future to give gamers a universe you can interact with in almost any way you choose. The game looks great, plays tight, rewards you for a number of contributions to your team and is completely free. Since it’s an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online, n00b) you’ll never be without a battle to fight or a territory to infiltrate, plus the new social features include a companion app, which means you can continue interacting with Planetside 2’s extraordinary world even if you’re not near your computer. (i.e. At the opera, in a museum or sitting on the the opera.)

The Amazing Spider-Man

Wait Time: Comes out June 26th, 2012.
After a couple of linear games, Spidey is returning to the open world of New York City, where he’ll be able to sling through the streets and leap off buildings like only a radiated-human turned wall-crawler can. Of course there’s a plot that continues the story of this summer’s reboot, but we’re stoked over having the freedom to waste all our time dicking around in the greatest city in all of comic bookdom (you’ll always be our dirty girl on the side, Gotham). Plus Stan Lee himself told us that he’s an unlockable, playable character in the game. We assume his powers will be just like the real-world counterpart: Creativity, superhuman likeability and he can live forever by eating baby teeth.

Halo 4

Wait Time: Less than six months! Release date: November 6th, 2012.
Master Chief’s return in Halo 4’s campaign is certainly exciting but it wasn’t until we heard about Spartan Ops that we knew Halo 4 would dominate our lives. The Spartan Ops game mode isn’t just new to the series, it’s unique in the gaming world, delivering new story content and five co-op missions on a WEEKLY basis and the first season (think months, not weeks) will be free with the game. You hear that knocking sound? That’s the knees of television executives around the world as they realize we’ll be more excited about the next episode of Halo Spartan Ops than any of the shlock they call a fall TV lineup.


Wait Time: A season. The game will released when the WiiU launches this fall.
We’ll admit we were impressed when we got our hands on Nintendo’s new WiiU Gamepad but whether the public decides to embrace Nintendo’s latest console remains to be seen. What we do know is NintendoLand, a conglomeration of games that will ship with the WiiU, is an addiction in itself. NintendoLand offers up a handful of competitive and co-op experiences with a distinctly Nintendo feel to each game. More importantly, any of these games could be an iTunes App Store chart topper...only you won’t find any of them on an iOS device.


Wait Time: Forever. It doesn’t come out until February 2013...well after the end of the world. [sigh]
We weren’t just happy to hear that Maxis was rebooting the SimCity series, we actually tore our shit off and screamed, “We are God!” at the thought of tinkering away with our very own Maximtopia and the inevitably sexy denizens who will reside there. Not to be confused with the lousy Facebook SimCity game, the new SimCity doesn’t just look gorgeous, it piles some fun new features and realism on top of the groundbreaking gameplay you’d expect of a franchise that robbed hours (and some mayoral aspirations) from generations of PC gamers. Take our word, we will not rest until that Godzilla-looking dinosaur guy visits our city.

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