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Agent Dash

Release Date: 
App: 4+
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Rule #1 of being a spy: Cardio.

The Pitch:The next step in on-rails running games, Agent Dash takes the familiar gameplay of Temple Run, sends it to Q-Branch for style upgrades and tosses it into the app store for the price

What It Really Is: In almost every way, this is your standard formula Temple Run clone. Controls are intuitive and the objective is familiar; run through the level while ducking, jumping and dodging obstacles. Where Agent Dash excels is in its visual style. In fact, the graphics are so good that it’s really hard to go back to Temple Run after playing this. The downside is that Agent Dash could have done so much more with the spy genre. We could imagine a section of the game played in a weaponized Aston Martin, gunfights with villains during pursuit or just more nods to genre classics like sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads. And we’ll keep imagining those things because Full Fat didn’t bother putting them in the damn game. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “When James Bond kills bad guys, he uses a PP7. When he kills time, he plays Agent Dash.” -

Fun Fact: While the core gameplay is free, Agent Dash offers in-app purchases that’ll give you power ups, bonuses and even new agent skins. Our favorite was Agent Goodtug, a spandex-suited blonde. Jumping over crevasses in yellow knee high boots is ALWAYS a good look.

Who’s It For: If you’re sick of the damn dirty apes chasing you in Temple Run, trading in your high scores for an infinitely more polished version of an on-rails runner like Agent Dash is an MI:6-approved maneuver.