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Amazing Alex

Release Date: 
App: 4+
Game Platform: 
Rovio Entertainment
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

A new obsession from the creators of Angry Birds.

The Pitch: Using random items found in his inexplicably well-stocked room, help Alex procrastinate by forgoing homework and setting up elaborate devices to do absurdly simple things.

What It Really Is: Depending on how you look at it, Alex is either the most amazingly ambitious or amazingly lazy kid you’ll ever come across. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because Alex himself is a non-factor in this game. Instead, the most important aspects of Amazing Alex are a bevy of random objects to use in your madcap creations and an airtight control scheme that makes placing those objects a breeze. Amazing Alex rewards ingenuity by presenting you with a goal and letting you figure out the best route to get there and there’s something majorly appealing about thought-invoking games like this. Best of all, difficulty is scaled in the typical app form; through collectible stars. Where the most casual gamer will be content to simply complete their objective and move on, scavengers like us won’t rest until three stars are obtained on every level, raising Amazing Alex from a light-hearted timekiller to a full-blown obsession. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If we had to pick a word to describe Amazing Alex it would be....outstanding!” -

Fun Fact: Rovio bought a little game called Casey’s Contraptions, rebranded it by giving Casey cargo pants and naming him Alex and re-released the buffed-to-a-high-sheen version as Amazing Alex, flipping a gigantic angry bird at anybody who had previously spent money on Casey’s Contraptions. Oops.

Who’s It For: If you loved Casey’s Contraptions, stick with it, it’s the same game. But if you loved other object-placing, creativity-rewarding games like Feed Me Oil, then Amazing Alex is definitely worth the time and price of admission (a buck for SD, three for HD) And if you could keep the Hey Arnold! comparisons to a minimum, Alex would really appreciate it.