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Axeman Mobile

Release Date: 
App: 12+
Game Platform: 
Backbone Entertainment
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

Getting your app fix from the same people who fixed your BO Problem.

The Pitch: In the ever-growing list of companies that feel obligated to have an app (they’re just so popular with the kids these days) Axe, best known for its men’s products, has thrown its hat in the ring with a game that looks like it’s part Guitar Hero, part Time Crisis but somehow turns out to be entirely unexpected.

What It Really Is: We fully anticipated Axeman to be a thinly veiled Axe advertisement but were pleasantly surprised to find an addictive, completely free experience. Axeman is touted as a music game but that’s more because of your ability to choose your own soundtrack, not because this is a Guitar Hero or DDR clone. Instead it’s actually an on-rails shooter and the extent of the musical gameplay is that your ammo travels along guitar strings, waiting for your nimble fingers to slingshot them from the frets to the faces of your enemy. Upping the challenge level is the fact that Axeman is a game best played with two hands, one for slingshotting and the other for defensively blocking incoming projectiles or gently caressing the pixelated ladies to recruit them to your fanbase. Our favorite song to play during an Axeman session? Strokin'! Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We axe-solutely love it!”

Fun Fact: Axe is actually going to start giving away prizes IRL if you hook your Axeman account into their social hub and put up a high score. Our smug sense of self-worth from high scores is usually enough but even we wouldn’t turn down the chance to win some Xbox shwag or Livenation tix.

Who’s It For: Anyone looking for a good, free game.