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Borderlands 2

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
Gearbox Software/2K Games
Star Rating: 
10 out of 10

A Pandora that doesn’t suck like internet radio.

The Pitch: The space western saga continues. Five years after the events of the original Borderlands, Pandora is under the rule of the Hyperion Corporation and its big boss, Handsome Jack. Only you (and a couple other vault hunters if you’re into sharing glory) can kill Handsome Jack before he tames the wildest west in space.

What It Really Is: You mean besides a serious contender for game of the year? Borderlands 2 is video game excellence all around. Colorful characters, dark humor, deep plot, seamless online integration, outstandingstyle - it all adds up to some of the most rewarding gameplay you’ll find in all of interactive entertainment. Borderlands 2 is the highest watermark we’ve found so far in the First Person Shooter genre and that’s because BL2 isn’t just a shooter, it’s an irreverent and unique story that breaks the tired conventions of the genre with its huge variety of environments, skill upgrades and weapons (oh the weapons!). This is a huge, refined game that’s fun with friends or by yourself, on your first play through or your fifth, if you’re a sniper assassin or a running gunner. Gearbox hasn’t just crafted a superb game, they’ve created an obsession on a disc. What’s that? Do we have a..? Oh, no, that…that’s just our keys sticking up in our pocket. Honest. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If Borderlands 2 was hidden in a vault on a hostile planet, we’d blow that planet up to get it.” -

Fun Fact: Later in October, a fifth playable character will join the other four vault hunter classes. Gaige, a “mechromancer” who...wait for it...controls mechs, will become available. No matter what you do, don’t confuse her skill trees for a girlfriend mode, or the ladies of Gearbox will hunt you down and give you a world class atomic wedgie.

Special Edition: 2K Games is pumping out the Deluxe Vault Hunter edition that includes the game, a special case, a bobble head, stickers, art book, downloadable comic book and a vault’s worth of DLC. Eridium isn’t included...because it’s a made up element. Sorry.

Who’s It For: Obsessive scavengers, chatty online gamers, balls out gunners and everyone in between. If you can’t find a class to fit your personality or a customization to make them feel like your own, then we have a game for you and it’s called Pong and you’re as boring as it is.