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NXP Software
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

Turning your iPad into a video playing Ninja.

The Pitch: Apple’s chokehold on content means only the narrowest line of video codecs will natively work in the iPad’s Video app. Enter CineXPlayer, a $4 app that blows the barn doors off of Apple’s self-imposed limitations and opens the iPad up to a host of...errrr....more “accessible” video formats.

What It Really Is: Like the Seagate CEO who fessed up to his external hdd’s helping people watch porn, CineXPlayer has an equally useful and sordid secret; It helps you watch movies on your iPad that you didn’t buy through iTunes. That folder within a folder within a folder on your PC that’s teeming with AVI and MKV files is exactly what CineXPlayer is all about. Movies get loaded by dragging and dropping into iTunes, not syncing, and the interface is simple and streamlined. Movies load up quickly (FYI - HD is better with the iPad 3’s beefier processor), play smoothly and a host of options - from 3D to Dolby Surround to HDMI output - make CineXPlayer an invaluable utility that somehow made it through Apple’s nets and onto the App Store. VLC Player for iPad, CineXPlayer’s main competition, was not so lucky. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “If unleashing your iPad’s potential is wrong, CineXPlayer doesn’t want to be right.” -

Fun Fact: Airplay Mirroring is an option here so, for those of you wondering how to get that collection of old Sopranos DVDrips onto your flat screen, this is it.

Who’s It For: Anyone who has taken on the wholly satisfying endeavor of transferring their DVD collection to digital files. There may be some file types that still slip through the cracks but CineXPlayer is still an absolute must for anyone who wants to watch movies on their iPad without worrying paying an Apple tax in the process.