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Darksiders II

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC, Wii
Vigil Games/ THQ
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

Don’t fear Death, play him.

The Pitch: Picking up after War’s story from the original Darksiders, the sequel shifts the focus to War’s fellow horseman, Death, in his quest to prove that War is actually an innocent victim. Yeah, we didn’t believe War either.

What It Really Is: We were expecting a game more like God of War but got a game more like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In our opinion, that’s a fantastic bait and switch. The sprawling map, being able to traverse it on your horse Epona Despair, dungeons galore and the escalating puzzles required to get through them; these all contribute to Darksiders II being a pleasantly surprising adventure game. Darksiders II isn’t without its drawbacks: awkward collision, muddy textures and an inexcusable amount of playing “fetch” instead of actual missions became grating after a while. However, despite its shortcomings, Darksiders II is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that blends the parkour of an Assassin’s Creed game with the combat of God of War and sets it in a world that would make the most die-hard Hyrulian feel right at home. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “After playing Darksiders II, if Death came knocking at our door, we’d totally invite him in for a beer.”

Fun Fact: The first Darksiders game focused on War. This one centers on Death. If all goes to plan, we’ll be looking forward to Strife’s and Fury’s games coming in the near future.

Collectible Edition: The Darksiders II Collector’s Edition includes the game, the obligatory art book, a download code for the game’s soundtrack, a spattering of kickass in-game gear and, of course, a life-size version of Death’s know, for the ladies.

Who’s It For: Gamers who loved the original Darksiders are sure to be following the story into the sequel but anyone looking for a game that’s light on story but heavy on action won’t be disappointed spending a week of their summer with Darksiders II.