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Diablo III

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Blizzard Entertainment

Social lives are overrated when you’re a demon killer.

The Pitch: After a decade of waiting, Diablo 3 graces PCs across the world. Despite some hiccups out of the gate and wretched DRM, could this be the best PC game EVAR?

What It Really Is: Negating some launch issues, Diablo 3 delivers the action RPG experience that is actually worthy of calling itself the successor in the Diablo line. Blizzard didn’t fuck around with their extended development time...unlike some people *cough Duke Nukem cough*. Diablo 3 feels like WoW with the tedious parts stripped away, a streamlined upgrade system added and a whole slew of modes that make it as easy or difficult, solo or co-op, as you like. This is a game that’s made to capitalize on all the PC/processor/video card beef of today and beyond. Blizzard’s last-minute tweaking, though worrisome pre-launch, has paid off and what they’re delivering fans - beyond an exceptional and heavily-addicting RPG experience - is a Diablo game that will keep gamers hooked well into the future. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Diablo 3 is awesome...there, you got your press blurb, now can we please go back to playing it?”

Fun Fact: Of the five character classes in Diablo 3 (Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Barbarian and Monk) there’s no such thing as a “best class” as it’s a deeply personal choice that depends on your personality and your play style. However, it is a fact that Witch Doctor is definitely the worst.

Collector’s Edition: Besides the game itself, the Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition comes with a behind-the-scenes DVD, soundtrack, artbook, a few in-game perks and the pieces de resistance, an incredibly creepy skull statue and an undeniably awesome 4 GB soulstone.

Who’s It For: If you own a PC that can handle the minimum requirements (or if you happen to be testing out one of Razer’s new, completely badass Blade laptops, like we are) then there’s no excuse not to dive into Diablo 3 with both feet. If you’re sick of WoW or you’re one of the 25% of the population that abandoned Star Wars: The Old Republic we shouldn’t have to tell you that this is for you because you’ve probably be playing since launch.