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Donkey Konga

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8 out of 10
For those of you who've wrenched your ankle (and punctured your ego) playing Dance Dance Revolution, despair not; as long as your arms still work, you can further humiliate yourself slapping the skins of the dual bongo peripheral in the rhythm-based Donkey Konga. Depending on the icon scrolling the screen, you'll smack the right or left conga, both, or clap your hands. Precise hits earn you coins to cash in for new sounds like barking dogs and classic Nintendo bloops and bleeps. Play along to 30 songs—from simplistic beats like "We Will Rock You" to increasingly complex and annoying Latin polyrhythms—and add up to four sets of bongos to create a frenzied, unholy din suitable for ritual virgin sacrifice. In the ancient tradition, the drums can also be used as a tool of communication—for example, playing along to the "Legend of Zelda Theme" at full volume expresses to your roommate "I hate you."