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8 out of 10

Mind-altering visuals...with a scoreboard.

The Pitch: Recalling the glory days of arcade games, DYAD takes the simplicity of a mobile game, the precision of a gamepad and the visuals of a Pink Floyd laser show to create an “action-racer” in the loosest possible terms.

What It Really Is: We don’t care what the official Playstation page says, this is NOT a racing game. In fact, trying to categorize DYAD is like a game in itself. Is it a pairing game? Is it a shooter? The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter because DYAD offers up one of the most addicting experiences we’ve found on all of the PSN. Instantly playable, the core gameplay has to do with matching yellows with yellows or blues with blues while avoiding traps that sap you of lives. Easy. The catch is that each level rewards you with stars depending on your performance and obtaining three stars on a level is insanely tough. Level one is a deceivingly easy walk through the controls and basic pairing functions of the game but, by level eight, you’ll be pairing, dodging, lancing, boosting and running amok through a speeding tunnel that’ll either leave you triumphant or leave you seizing in your favorite gaming chair. Ready-Made Press Blurb: DYAD’s pairing of yellows and blues > Mr. Big’s waiting on a line of greens and blues.”

Fun Fact: According to our in-house Oxford English Dictionary consultant (AKA Google) a dyad is a pair of sister chromatids. Apparently, developer/publisher/promoter Shawn McGrath minored in genetics in addition to majoring in making kickass indie games.

Who’s It For: If you’re trying to transition from app gaming to console gaming, DYAD is exactly the addiction to get you there. If you happen to have $15 lying in your PSN account and have been waiting for something worthwhile to spend it on, this is it.