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Enter the Matrix

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8 out of 10
After four years of serious blue-pill jonesing, you’d think hard-core Neo-heads would find enough in The Matrix Reloaded to satisfy them until The Matrix Revolutions blows theater doors open this November. Yeah, and Agent Smith might become a grief counselor.

The assault begins with the release of Infogrames’ Enter the Matrix, an orgy of kung fu and bullets for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC. The game is by no means a weak attempt to cash in on a franchise: Matrix creators Larry and Andy Wachowski made sure its plot line connected to and expanded on the movies’. “I got this 200-page script with all this action, and I’m thinking, Are we shooting another movie?” explains petite dynamo Jada Pinkett Smith, who stars in the movies and the game as tougher-than-rawhide pilot Niobe. “The action runs parallel to the movies’. So if you see the movie and there’s a door in a hallway, in the game we’ll be going through that door.” The Wachowskis spent months shooting more than an hour of additional film footage, recording Pinkett Smith and other cast members’ voices, and honing movement. The payoff? Gamers not only get tons of extra movie action but also get to run, kick, and shoot in a fully realized Matrix universe. Resistance is futile. And very, very unlikely.