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Far Cry 3

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Some series jump the shark; this one punches it in the face.

The Pitch: You are Jason Brody. Your tropical island vacation went awry and now you have to save the rest of your friends from the pirates who kidnapped them. You probably should’ve gone on a cruise and got drunk off pina coladas instead.

What It Really Is: Far Cry 3 reinvigorates the series after the gripe-fest that was Far Cry 2. Wisely departing from that game’s boring African plains, Far Cry 3 returns to a tropical island setting. The island pulsates with life, and you have limitless opportunities to interact with it. This actually poses a problem when you know you should be completing missions and saving your friends but can’t help but go for a quick hang glide or do a little hunting first. Far Cry 3 maintains its status as a First-Person Shooter, but the heavy role-playing aspects (skill trees, crafting systems) and the open world of the island make it stand out compared to other FPSers. Central to its success are the characters populating the island. Jason Brody is your typical everyman, dumped in the wilderness and forced to survive as he toes the line of jungle madness. But the supporting cast – especially Vaas, the pirate king of the island – make the campaign outstanding by adding more color to Far Cry 3 than a jumbo pack of Crayola crayons. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Far Cry 3 has the action and intrigue of the LOST island, but without all the stupid shit that made no sense.” -

Fun Fact: Jason Brody is a Pisces. This shouldn’t determine whether or not you will like this game, but you might want to consult your local astrologer just in case.

Who’s It For: It’s impossible to imagine anyone getting sick of Borderlands 2 so soon, but Far Cry 3 is an alternative that upholds many of the same traditions, since they’re both first-person, open-world games with tons of side missions and an endless amount of gameplay to help you level up your player. If the wilderness of Pandora has lost its luster for you, making a trade to the Rook Islands might be just the escape you were looking for. Also, there really is shark-punching in this game, and no, that’s not a weird sexual euphemism.