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Flow Free

Our new favorite way to connect the dots.

The Pitch: One of the simplest puzzle games in all the app store, Flow Free is a devious little game that challenges you to connect dots of the same color by connecting lines in a grid without crossing. It’s one part connect the dots and one part mensa test.

What It Really Is: The best and most addicting puzzle game we’ve ever played on the iPhone. That seems like overly high praise for a single app among the kablillions the app store has to offer but, after perfectly completing over 750 levels, we’re still itching for more. The premise is simple; you start Flow Free by connecting three or four matching dots in a 5x5 grid but then time and space melt away and you’ll soon be connecting up to 10 pairs in a 9x9 grid.  The especially courageous can switch over to an iPad and jump into grids as big as 14x14 that will wring your brain out like a carwash sponge. Best of all, Flow Free is actually free (not just a clever name) for the first 450 puzzles, so you’ll bethoroughly addicted before having to shell out the four bucks for more levels. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Flow Free let us connect the dots without feeling like children, so get off our case, Mom.” -

Fun Fact: Flow Free has some of the smoothest touch screen controls we’ve seen in an app game. Even if you’re tearing out your hair over trying to solve a puzzle, you can still take solace in just drawing wonderfully colorful lines all over your iPhone’s retina display.

Who’s It For: It’s hardly educational, but playing Flow Free actually makes you feel like you’re sharpening your wits as you solve the often-intricate puzzles. Aiming for perfection on each level is a good way to test your skills. If you can do this, you could probably jump right into cartography - you’re on your way to being the next Magellan.