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How Much Are Video Game Castles Worth?


With even 50 Cent contemplating converting to 50 Euro, there's really little hope for the rest of us. Dow Jonesian losses are hitting industries weak and strong, leaving many to believe it'll be months years never until being able to even afford a white picket fence, let alone a new house. But in the land of remote-controlled entertainment, it only takes a few hours of combating evildoers to afford the best fortresses around. Our two real estate experts, David Marine of Coldwell Banker and Brian Block of RE/MAX Allegiance, weigh the pros and cons of 10 of the coolest pads ever programmed and estimate how many coin-boxes you'll need to smash to buy them:

Fairfax Castle, Fable 2 (photo above)
NOTE: The castle has an in-game fixed price of 1,000,000 gold coins, which was used as the basis of all other valuations.

David Marine: Questionable location and sordid history behind the castle will hurt its market value. But buyers can be enticed to take a chance on this palace because of the esteem given to the one who owns it and other worldly powers it possesses. May need a fresh coat of paint to sell quickly.

Brian Block: You instantly become the Mayor when you purchase this large Gothic-inspired castle adorned with many paintings and gorgeous candelabra. It was previously owned by the evil Lord Lucien; there was a murder in the observatory, but there’s also some magic present.


Dr. Wily's Castle, Mega Man 2

BB: This well-guarded property looks neat and is one of the most modern high-tech castles around. It’s perfect for a mad scientist, especially since you can maneuver around via teleporters.  However, this castle is unfurnished and not for everyone, considering there are no bathrooms, no bedrooms, no kitchens, and every room can kill you.
Estimated Value: 800,000 gold coins

DM: This castle possesses a clinical feel fit for the unabashed mad scientist. Rooms feel very one dimensional and absolutely no sunlight to warm the cold décor, however it does keep the neighbors away. Those wishing to exile themselves to work in fringe science should pursue.
Estimated Value: 450,000 gold coins

hyrule.jpgHyrule Castle, Zelda series

DM: Classic architecture and beautiful views make this castle fit for any king. It comes with an excellent security system which is a must have for the area.
Estimated Value: 1,500,000 gold coins

BB: This classic castle is very large with a beautiful moat and a large courtyard. It would have been worth more, especially with its professional landscaping and recent expansion, however being the frequent target of terrorism from evil Ganon brings down the value.
Estimated Value: 1,250,000 gold coins.

castleofillusion.jpgMizrabel's Castle of Illusion, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

DM: Each room is a different theme, giving this palace a new identity in every room. The need for modern plumbing, electricity, and apparently running water may appeal to the fixer-upper. Unique rainbow bridge is a huge selling point as it’s a one of a kind feature that’s nearly impossible to replicate.
Estimated Value: 500,000 gold coins

BB: Gaudy!  Gaudy! Gaudy! Pink and purple stonework–who designed this one? Some of the furniture is infested with bugs and maintenance costs are extremely high (the castle runs on cogs and the tower are connected by a rainbow bridge). If you want to find Mickey, head to Cinderella’s Castle instead.
Estimated Value: 650,000 gold coins.


Queen's castle, Ico

While this one’s a fixer-upper, it’s enormous and offers the purchaser an enchantingly beautiful edifice. Perfect for that private getaway–think celebrities ditching the paparazzi because this castle is in the middle of nowhere. If you don’t mind chasing away the black wraiths and putting in some serious work to fix up the place, this castle offers the best in size and luxury.
Estimated Value: 2,700,000 gold coins. With some work, this could be a 4-5 million gold coin castle.

DM: Perfect for those who love room or enjoy a good roam through the home from time to time. Isolated location is perfect for getting away and necessary upgrades on the interior leaves room for those who consider themselves a weekend warrior. Waterfront property is always in high demand.
Estimated Value: 700,000 gold coins

princesspeach.jpgPrincess Peach's castle, Mario series

A huge, beautiful storybook castle with beautiful paintings and the novelty of a small harmless dinosaur on the roof needs no gas or electricity since it runs on “Power Stars”  It’s got lots of land. Unfortunately, the always flooded basement is a big downer on value.
Estimated Value: 895,000 gold coins; a real bargain especially if you can get the basement dry.

DM: The castle to beat all castles. Beautifully adorned and perfectly located in a private area, this spacious, royal manor combines both classic style and leaves a zero carbon footprint. An indoor swimming pool is also available in the basement (if not desired, the addition of a sump pump may be mandatory).
Estimated Value: 10,000,000 gold coins


Castle Karstaag, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

DM: Tailored to those who love a winter getaway, Castle Karstaag rivals only the Fortress of Solitude as king of the ice castles. Oceanfront location makes it a covetable castle, although the interior could use a warm touch for those who easily tire of icy designs. Spacious throughout gives you room to entertain even the largest of guests and rearrange room structures at a moment’s notice.
Estimated Value: 650,000 gold coins

BB: Built almost entirely out of ice, this oceanfront castle has a great view. A neat feature is the bedroom with a built-in pool–I hope it’s heated! The large dining table in the banquet hall can fit giants and the ice torches never, and I mean never, burn out. 
Estimated Value: A cool 1,500,000 gold coins

bowserneoncastle.jpgBowser's Neon Castle, Super Mario World

Cold, dark, and treacherous sum up this lightning rod of a fortress. as it is poorly set on the back of giant hippopotamus. A full renovation is needed if you’re not planning on killing your guests. Still those who enjoy living by the razor’s edge may find it comforting.
Estimated Value: 250,000 gold coins

BB: Besides the well-lit outside area, there’s not much positive to say about this Super Mario World castle. It’s hard to access and is subject to frequent lightning strikes, so the new owner may never be able to go outside.
Estimated Value: 725,000 gold coins

castlevania.jpgCastlevania, Castlevania series

A very large modern castle that comes fully furnished with a very large library and rooms that resurrect you if you die–there’s value in that, not to mention residing in the place Dracula used to hang upside down in.  Pretty cool! Some may not like the lack of wheel-chair accessibility and the fact that there does not seem to be any bathrooms.
Estimated Value: 1,400,000 gold coins.

DM: A Gothic labyrinth, Castlevania is masterfully adorned with the finest art and architecture. This reader’s paradise does have its drawbacks as unwanted guests constantly traipse through the halls and the former owner has left stains on some of the furniture and walls. Perfect for those who despise sunlight and like exploring.
Estimated Value: 600,000 gold coins


Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D

A large castle up in the mountains of Germany. It looks more like a prison than a castle and is adorned with Nazi paintings, pictures of Hitler, and has Swastika-shaped levels. Definitely not P.C.!  The only plus, if there is one, is that the place has clean floors. But, is that really a selling point?
Estimated Value: 375,000 gold coins

DM: No home is better suited to drive you insane than Castle Wolfenstein. Every turn looks just like the last, so one must memorize every turn in order to get where you’re going. Swastikas and vintage East German fascist artwork leave tons of room for the redecorator. Notable absence of mirrors may leave you wondering what you look like.
Estimated Value: 100,000 gold coins

Brian Block is an associate broker for RE/MAX Allegiance in Alexandria, Va.  He is licensed in Virginia and Washington D.C.

David Marine is the director of interactive marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC and an avid gamer.