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Jay-Z's Got 99 Problems, But 'DJ Hero' Ain't One

Brooklyn-born artist Jay-Z is the kind of guy who, even before thinking about starting the car engine, measures the tire pressure, checks all the fluids, and takes a moment to clean off all of the bird shit from the windows.

Before sitting down for a short roundtable with journalists to talk about his involvement with Activision's new game DJ Hero, Hova made sure the new turntable peripheral set up in the corner was stable enough for his liking.

"Gotta make sure it's sturdy," he said.

Just kicking the tires, we guess. He has lent his name and music to the video game, and a special Renegade Edition is also available, featuring an additional two CDs worth of greatest hits and unreleased tracks from Jay-Z and Eminem. It's all about associating himself with products which have what he calls "the feeling of truth and authenticity."

"At the end of the day, after people see the name on the box, they open it - and when you open it, you gotta touch it, you gotta play it," he said with hands tucked firmly in his pockets while lounging on an apropros golden couch.

"If it doesn't stand up, then shame on me."

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