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Kid Icarus Uprising

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Project Sora/Nintendo
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Fight or flight? How about both.


The Pitch: After two decades without a game of its own, Kid Icarus reappears on the scene.

What It Really Is: A triumphant return as Pit takes flight in a visually dazzling adventure that’s full of the signature quirk gamers have come to expect of Nintendo’s first-party games. Uprising excels in many areas: level design, character development, varied gameplay and overall visuals, but it doesn’t come without drawbacks. The main detraction from the excellence of Uprising is a control scheme that integrates both stylus and circle pad for precise movement and actions, leaving you clawing uncomfortably at your 3DS. Ninty seems to be aware of the situation, including a plastic stand with the game that tries (but fails) to fully alleviate the problem. In the end, we found ourselves wishing that Uprising was built for the Wii instead. For those of you who forgot what a Wii is, it’s that white thing next to your cable box covered in a pile of dust. Ready-Made Press Blurb: "This Kid Icarus isn't Kid-ing around." -

Fun Fact: Kid Icarus Uprising has a surprisingly robust multiplayer component and Nintendo held a tourney here in NYC on launch day to celebrate that fact. Congrats to Sam Buzby for beating the rest of the NYC contestants unmercifully. Icarus himself would be proud if he wasn’t still treating third degree wax burns.

Who’s It For: Because of the sometimes-awkward control scheme, mutants with three hands will have a distinct advantage over us two-handed suckers. That chick with the three boobs from Total Recall will also have an advantage...not in the game, just in life overall.