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Mass Effect 3

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
BioWare/ Electronic Arts
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Ending the trilogy like a boss commander.

The Pitch: Commander Shepherd returns to continue his epic battle against the Reapers. Impacted heavily by decisions you’ve made in Mass Effect 1 and 2, ME3’s story is deeper, the RPG elements are beefed up, the weapons are bigger, the combat is closer and the addiction to its gameplay might land you in a methadone clinic.

What It Really Is: For starters, this is not just a game for people who have played the series all along. Mass Effect 3 is framed in a way that may reward series vets who have gamesave data in hand (NOT in the cloud) but will also zoom newcomers up to speed and launch them screaming into the intergalactic fray like a photon torpedo. Whether you’re new or not, Mass Effect 3 caters to your preferred style of gameplay so you can opt for a traditional experience or an action-oriented game that focuses more on gunning your way into the Alliance hall of fame. A bigger upgrade system shines here and works well in pumping up your commander, your team and your arsenal, rewarding your expertise with weapons and abilities that shred Reapers like a wad of paper that insulted a blowtorch. ME3 also sees its first implementation of Kinect’s voice controls, a cute gimmick that quickly frustrated us and scared the piss out of our loved ones during our late night gaming sessions. Most importantly, this is the end of a plot that spans three games and five years, and we can proudly say it delivers the kind of satisfaction in closure that your seventh grade girlfriend never had the courtesy to give you. You can stop crying about that now, by the way. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “It’s a Mass-terpiece!” –


Fun Fact: In a rare instance of awesome marketing, BioWare actually shot a handful of early editions of Mass Effect 3 into space (fucking space, man!) and equipped them with GPS trackers so fans could find them. No word on where that Antarctic copy landed but we imagine it’ll be one hell of a testament to humanity when the Reapers actually do take over Earth, find it, and then shit their pants.


Special Features/Extras/Cheats/Packaging: The N7 Collector’s Edition includes an array of artwork, a limited edition comic, N7 patch, metal case for protecting the goods and, of course, in-game content that you can’t get anywhere else...until it’s available for sale separately.


Who’s It For: Initially designed for RPG players with the hardest of cores, Mass Effect 3 has become a phenomenon that can entice gamers from all walks and deliver the goods on all counts.  This is an incomparable blend of rock-solid gameplay and fully engaging storytelling that gives us faith that gaming will overtake movies within a decade. Honestly, did you see what passed as “Best Picture” nominees this year?!