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Mass Effect Infiltrator

Release Date: 
App: 9+
Game Platform: 
EA International
Star Rating: 
5 out of 10

Mass Defect.

The Pitch: Since you’ve already lost your job, your girlfriend and, soon, your sanity to Mass Effect 3 why not continue the obsession outside your living room? Infiltrator brings a dumbed down, action-oriented version of ME to iPads and iPhones.


What It Really Is: A good idea with poor execution. Infiltrator’s first misstep is shifting its focus from Commander Shepherd to the unknown - and terribly named - Randal Ezno as we watch Randall go from Cerberus minion to well-placed turncoat. Ezno’s story is a bit of a non-sequitur, having little impact on the Mass Effect canon. That would be forgivable if the game wasn’t a frustrating mess of poorly designed controls and watered down upgrades. Most obvious here is that, as action-packed as the game is, the action feels once-removed, a sad reality considering touchscreen controls should feel MORE natural. These don’t. Shooting enemies is an automated sequence after tapping on them. Reloads are automatic. The included swipe gestures for precision movement get confused with aiming.  The end result of this ambitious effort to put a Mass Effect game on the iOS is a disappointment that will leave the bravest of Commanders shaking their heads. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Mass Effect Infiltrator puts the ‘mass’ in our massive erection.” –


Fun Fact: The biggest bonus of playing Infiltrator is that you can upload intel gathered in the game to Galaxy At War that will count towards your Galactic Readiness in Mass Effect 3.


Who’s It For: Companion games like this are not meant for anyone but die-hards who have substituted sunshine with the dim light of the Mass Effect 3 menu screens. These are the same people who will brave a terrible control scheme in their effort to nominally improve their Mass Effect 3 War Chest.