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Max Payne 3

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Xbox, PS3, PC

Just in time for Carnivale, Rockstar dishes on Max Payne’s Brazilian gig.


The Pitch: The hardest boiled man on the NYPD leaves the Big Apple behind for what’s supposed to be a cakewalk to early retirement in Rio. We went hands on with Max to see exactly how his well laid plans go awry.


What It Really Is: To quell the fan outcry, we first have to say that the definitive Max experience remains intact here; bullet-time, running-and-gunning and even some NYC-based levels crop up to anchor the noir story that’s told in cut scenes and gravelly voiceovers. The segments we saw took place primarily in Rio and we were impressed with the level design, the variety of missions and the pacing of the game. We had to be reminded that Max Payne is NOT a game about shooting from cover. Max don’t need no cover, he just needs guns and some well-timed slow motion. The two most notable upgrades here are in the visual department. Max’s movements are so fluid and realistic that you can’t help but marvel at his motions as he swings his guns around to blow a baddie away. Coupling that realistic movement with the game’s new absence of loading screens makes for an incredibly cinematic experience that’ll make Marky Mark’s version of Max seem even more like a wooden cutout. We didn’t even think that was possible. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We can’t wait for Max to bring the Payne in May.” -


Fun Fact: We didn’t get our hands on it (yet) but we did get confirmation that Max Payne 3 will come with an all-new multiplayer component. So if you’re looking for some gangland mayhem, just hold your breath until May 15th.


Who’s It For: If you ever drowned your sorrows with whiskey, if you’ve ever wanted to shoot something in an angst-ridden rage, if you always wanted to move like you were in the Matrix but weren’t crazy about the weird S&M outfits, Max is your man.