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Entertainment For Xbox 360

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
Microsoft Studios
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Baseball never looked better.

The Pitch: As part of their increasing effort to scare the pants off of cable companies across the nation, Microsoft has teamed up with MLB to deliver all the content of the 2012 season to fans’ living rooms plus a whole lot of bonuses and extras.

What It Really Is: The best way to watch baseball at long as you don’t live in the same city as your favorite team. We’ll explain. Overall, the interface is every bit as slick as ESPN’s for Xbox; very easy to navigate (with controller or Kinect) with options to create a seperate category for your favorites. Once you choose a game, there’s also a mini-guide that will pop up while the game is streaming. Replays and recaps are available in case you missed the live stream. Being able to stream two live games in splitscreen is also an option, a nice addition for Fantasy Baseball players. Unfortunately - and we’re looking at you, MLB - the entire live streaming experience is hindered severely by blackout restrictions, making the $125 entry fee near worthless for anyone that lives in the same city as their favorite team....which has to be 90% of the baseball fans out there. We had hopes that Microsoft would throw their weight around and force MLB to lift this foolish rule but, like so many other entertainment providers holding on to ancient business models, MLB won’t let TV broadcasts die gracefully. Ready-Made Press Blurb: " is the best thing getting pumped into your home since running water." -

Fun Fact: Your subscription doesn’t just get you access to the Xbox Live app but will also let you watch games on the MLB’s web interface as well as the MLB At Bat app for iOS and Android, making it impossible to miss any of the action.

Who’s It For: Fantasy Baseball players, die hard fans and anyone who’s left their home town but still wants to root for their home team. Sadly, cord cutters hoping to get their in-market baseball fix legitimately should look elsewhere, like their local sports bar.