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Movie Invisibles

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Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Movies are better when you take out the actors.

The Pitch: Take screenshots from popular movies, subtract the actors, leave the costumes and then see if you can guess which flick you’re looking at. It’s like the best part of Scene It? without having to invite over your creepy Uncle who owns Scene It?.

What It Really Is: It’s brilliant for so many reasons. The first is the fact that it’s a 99 cent game because no one is paying actors for their likenesses. Genius! Beyond that, Movie Invisibles is a great party game, easily passed around a circle of friends thanks to the iPad’s portability and boasting a slick user-interface that makes it easy to switch between the screenshot and the multiple choice answers. Each round presents you with 20 different movie screenshots to guess but get three wrong and you’ll have to start a new round. The game’s entry fee buys you enough screenshots to not see a duplicate for a few days but once the well runs dry, extra screenshot packs are available to purchase in-game for a buck so the trivia stays fresh. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Movie Invisibles made us feel like a film-major but without the obligation of being a pretentious dick!”

Fun Fact: Before we realized that the gameplay is focused on erasing actors from scenes, we got a record-breaking 167 guesses wrong in a row because we guessed “The Invisible Man” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Who’s It For: Movie buffs will appreciate that Movie Invisibles uses screenshots from films spanning the last 60 years, from blockbusters to cult classics. If you’re a risk-taker and don’t mind letting drunk friends around your iPad, Movie Invisibles turns into a drinking game in three easy steps...but we’ll let you figure that out for yourself.