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NCAA March Madness Live

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App: 4+
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4 out of 10

Sucking more than Duke in the first round.

The Pitch: Catch every moment of the action from this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney. The app brings live audio feeds, scoreboards, social chatter and a game schedule. Dropping four bucks on an in-app purchase buys you video of all the games streaming right to your pocket (or killer satchel if you’re rocking an iPad).

What It Really Is: Pretty much the only way you’re gonna see the games at your office this March and a reminder that monopolies are bad for the average bball fan. If you want your Madness in portable form, this is Plan A, B and C. Normally, we’d just be grateful to have mobile access to the games but this year’s March Madness app seems to be the worst iteration yet. Buggy, requiring updates on a near-daily basis, constantly running on a delay and, worst of all, jammed with more ads than late night cable TV. Call us nostalgic but we remember a magical time when free streaming was ad-supported and “premium” meant no ads. That time was called 2011. The change might be tolerable if this was the best app ever but its poor quality and general sense of greediness have us knocking it hard. If kicking fans in the balls was a competitive sport that had a tournament, the NCAA would definitely go into that bitch as a one seed. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “Prevents March Madness from turning into March Sadness!” –

Fun Fact: March Madness Live makes use of iOS 5’s new notification system, so when your bracket gets busted by a 15 seed, you’ll be the first one in the cubicle farm to know.

Who’s It For: Sadly, everyone. Making it through March without hearing the words “bracket,” “upset” or “underdog” is a literal impossibility in the USA and, since no one even knew they had the channel TruTV (seriously, what the shit is that?), chances are you’re gonna need to fork over $4 to find out who the hell is gonna take Mizzou’s spot in the Final Four.