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Need Dating Advice? Ask Jessica, Dammit!

This is Jessica ----------------------------------------------^
^-----------------------This is arcade cabinet for Mr. Do's Castle

You may know her from the Internet-famous photo of her licking a PlayStation Portable or from her IGN Strategize videos. But, while Jessica Chobot's advice on how to land on Geometry Wars' high score leaderboards may earn you e-cred, it won't help you avoid being the "weird webcam guy" on Xbox Live or the guy who randomly messages and dances with female avatars in PlayStation's Home

Which is why we are starting a new bi-weekly dating column with her. The IGN video hostess and writer knows a thing or two about dungeon crawling, but she's also picked up a few tips on finding the key to a girl's heart. (Believe it or not, it's not hidden within a smashable box or given as a reward after slaying a dragon.) Send your burning dating questions to and check back on February 19 to see what this gamer chick has to say.

Jessica Chobot is a lifetime gamer and zombie slaughterer. When she's not lovingly staring at her limited-edition, Japanese import Hello Kitty Dreamcast, she is a video host and writer for and Check out IGN Strategize, Jessica’s weekly video with tips and tricks to kick ass on your favorite games.