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Non Flying Soldiers

Release Date: 
App: 9+
Game Platform: 
Star Rating: 
9 out of 10

Flying is not a requirement for fun...but it helps.

The Pitch: Just as strategic as Chillingo’s OTHER bird bombing game, Non Flying Soldiers is a wildly different yet equally addicting puzzler that rewards you more for thoughtful strategery than trial-and-error swiping.

What It Really Is: First and foremost, it’s deceivingly tough. Where a child might pick up an iPhone and start racking up three stars in Angry Birds, Non Flying Soldiers might make that same child start crying on the floor in a fit of failure. The game is all about leading your birds to the end of each level through the cunning use of contraptions that help direct them around obstacles and pitfalls. Non Flying Soldiers is all about construction, not destruction, as completing one level unlocks an inevitably more-devious one that requires both patience and foresight to build up a labyrinth for your soldiers to safely traverse. The icing on the NFS cake is an exceptional amount of polish that went into the menus and look of the game. Placing objects is as simple as a tap and a swipe, multiple POVs let you quickly navigate the course and precisely place necessary items and animations are gorgeously rendered in a way that looks like they belong in the short film before a Pixar flick. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We loved Non Flying Soldiers so much we vowed to never eat another bird again...for the rest of the day.” -

Fun Fact: There are many flightless birds out there but, if we had to pick a favorite, it would come down to turkey vs penguin...and the winner would be turkeys...because they’re delicious.

Who’s It For: We’d recommend that you be a MENSA candidate or have the patience of a buddhist monk before embarking on this flightless ride. Sadly, we’re neither of those things but we suffered through Non Flying Soldiers’ delightfully infuriating gameplay just for you.