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A Place For Joystick Junkies



If you’ve been fired because you were too busy playing World of Warcraft to show up to work, it may be time to seek help. (And, no, we’re not suggesting paying that 13-year-old Japanese boy you’ve been playing against online to teach you how to reach level 70.)

The ReStart Internet Addiction Recovery Program in Fall City, Washington is the first rehab dedicated to video game and social networking addictions. For $14,500 you can enter a 45-day program at the rehab’s tranquil five-acre spread located only a few miles from Microsoft headquarters.

Cofounder Hilarie Cash says the six-bed facility has seen only one relapse since opening last July: “We had one young man who didn’t go back to playing World of Warcraft but started playing Counter-Strike, which is a highly addictive game,” she said. “It’s very difficult. When our clients leave, they are far from healed.”

A well-spent $14,500!