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Preview: 007 Legends

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC

Bond is looking good at 50.

The Pitch: Drawing from 50 years of Bond movies, Activision is cherry-picking their favorite 007 moments and melees, weaving a new story wrapper around them to make a game that both celebrates a half-century of the universe’s favorite Brit and also compliments the premiere of the new Bond flick, Skyfall.

What It Really Is: Celebrating a big year Bond-style would normally involve shaken martinis, missiles behind your Aston Martin’s license plate and making love to a woman named after a sexual innuendo. We’re not saying those things don’t exist in 007 Legends but we’re not saying they do either. What we saw of the game confirms that the 007 video game style remains intact: a varied arsenal of weapons, wicked gizmos, good-looking ladies, outlandish villains and cinematic cutscenes are all here. While we only saw the level based on Moonraker in our preview, we do have confirmation that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Skyfall will definitely be represented in Legends. The inspiration for the other handful of levels still remains a mystery, at least for now, but we know what our picks would be and we hope that Goldfinger makes an appearance for Bond’s Golden Anniversary. Ready-Made Press Blurb:007 Legends is the  video game equivalent of chugging a martini and having Daniel Craig punch you in the face.”

Fun Fact: When Ian Fleming wrote the originals, he used the nickname he gave his mom for Bond’s superior: M. Not gonna lie, we’d make Judi Dench...ahem...Dame Judi Dench say O.

Who’s It For: With the ample offerings of FPSers set to launch this fall, you better be a fan of Meester Bond if you wanna get all the references. Activision has injected all the makings of the ultimate James Bond game into this one but only time will tell if 007 Legends holds up to a game that’s actually legendary: 1997’s Goldeneye.