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Resident Evil 6

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

A horror game without all that pesky horror.

The Pitch: Bringing back a familiar cast of characters and givingeach pair their own campaign through the interwoven story, Resident Evil 6 is hoping that fans appreciate a heaping helping of action and nostalgia.

What It Really Is: If RE5 was a rehash of RE4 and RE6 is a rehash of RE5, does that really mean we’re just playing Resident Evil 4 for the third time? Things change enough to keep RE6 spicy, the game’s graphics arephenomenal and co-op modes cleverly weave three plotlines with a good deal of finesse, but we can’t help get a feeling of déjà vu from the characters, enemies and each separate campaign. With so much returning, the most disheartening part of RE6 is just how different it feels from the foundation on which the Resident Evil franchise was built: This is no longer a horror game, and playing this after midnight no longer requires turning on every light in your house. Instead, the unique combination of elements that captured so many devoted fans has devolved into a middling affair of too much shooting with not enough ammo. We prefer our zombies mindless, not our video games.

Fun Fact: The evil, faceless entity that’s responsible for all these shenanigans is now called The NEO-Umbrella corporation, marking the absolute laziest video game writing to take place so far in the 20teens.

Special Edition: RE6: Anthology and RE6: Archives (both the same but for PS3 and Xbox, respectively) have been released. They don’t contain the usual art books and trinkets of a special edition, but they do include most of the past Resident Evil games (RE1-4). If you want to remind yourself why this series was great, this is a solid collection.

Who’s It For: Resident Evil games are made for Resident Evil fans but, as the series veers further and further away from the things that made it unique and great, we’re left to wonder if Resident Evil 6 is satisfying anyone. Newcomers will find the systems infuriating and the action mediocre, devotees will find a void where the attitude and personality of Resident Evil used to be.