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Ski Safari

Release Date: 
App: 4+
Game Platform: 
Defiant Development
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Because Surfing Safaris are so 1960s.

The Pitch: You are Sven (Hi Sven!). You are a skier. There is an avalanche following you so you best be moving your ass down that hill. And if you find a penguin or a yeti to help you outrun the snowy tsunami behind you, all the better.

What It Really Is: The latest iteration of the outrun app games like Tiny Wings, Ski Safari is a one-button backflipping race down the mountain. Gamers familiar with the category already know that there’s no way to win a game like this but that doesn’t stop Ski Safari from being an incredibly addictive (though sometimes too easy) game that’ll have you coming back over and over again to complete increasingly difficult goals. Powerups are littered on the slopes in the form of helpful friends from the animal kingdom who will give you that extra boost you need just as you’re about to be engulfed by the furiously flurries of doom following behind you. Adhering to the methods of true app-addiction, Sven never dies, he just goes back to the beginning, ready for his next run and leaving you to have nightmares of being caught in an icy casket, awaiting your discovery by the future inhabitants of Earth...who will probably nickname you Sven anyway because that’s just your luck. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “Ski Safari is the most fun you can have groping a penguin without pissing off the ASPCA.” -

Fun Fact: The Yeti, aka The Abominable Snowman, has come a long way from his Ski Free days on Windows 95, lending a very helpful hand in his Ski Safari role. Also, he was never really abominable, just a bit gruff.

Who’s It For: If you’ve Tiny Winged (wang? wung?) or Joyrided your Jetpack until it got old, it’s probably time for you to Ski Safari, if only for a change of pace. The 99 cent app will only get better as time goes by and future updates get released.