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Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Release Date: 
App: 12+
Game Platform: 
Namco Networks America
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

All the action of 30,000 feet, none of the ear popping.

The Pitch: Combining the accelerometers, gyroscopes and touchscreen of the iPad for precise controls, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy offers up a jet-fighting campaign and a range of quickplay and multiplayer modes from dog-fighting to evasion, all with the crispy graphic goodness that take advantage of the iPad 3’s new retina display.


What It Really Is: SG:AS is one of the deepest flying experiences we’ve had on iOS.The campaign is lengthy and tough with a decent storyline that’s fleshed out both during gameplay and comic book style episodes between levels. We have to admit that, even though the game uses the iPad 3’s new retina display better than most other apps, we were hoping to be wowwed by the extra horsepower of the iPad 3’s new quad core processor but wound up feeling underwhelmed...though we suspect that’s what happens when you make a universal app that’s still compatible with an iPhone 3GS (the S in 3GS is for “Stupid” because you haven’t upgraded). We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the quickplay and multiplayer modes found here that make for a good time by yourself or with friends; they’re action-packed, quick and incredibly addictive. Our biggest gripe comes from the control system. Even though SG:AS offers up four different control schemes, none of them deliver the precision or ease that you’d get from a physical controller with analog sticks or triggers. What SG does deliver is strong nausea when you’re circling an enemy at 1700 mph. Ready-Made Press Blurb:Sky Gamblers is Top Fun!” -

Fun Fact: A jet’s fuel tank can hold over 2300 gallons. So next time you bitch about it costing $50 to fill your gas tank, think to yourself WWMD (What Would Maverick Do).

Who’s It For: Anyone who has visited the Intrepid Battleship more than once (seriously, what the hell were you hoping to see the second time?!), gamblers who don’t read fine print.