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Star Wars Kinect

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
LucasArts/Microsoft Studios
Star Rating: 
7 out of 10

Feeling the Force from balls to bone.

The Pitch: Become a Jedi! Using the controllerless magic of Kinect, Microsoft and LucasArts have collaborated to produce the first Star Wars game where there’s no controller to separate you from the Force.

What It Really Is: A valiant first attempt at a completely motion-controlled Star Wars game that’s dead-on in certain aspects and streets behind in others. We talked to Kudo Tsunoda, Microsoft’s Kinect Master, and he confirmed what we’d observed; Microsoft and LucasArts came together to form a dev team of Star Wars fans whose priority was to create the most immersive Star Wars experience yet. In many ways they got it right. The slick visual style of the Clone Wars series serves the game well and  interactions with characters feel personal right from the start. There’s a multitude of modes to play, from dueling to dancing, but the Jedi Destiny mode takes front and center as it folds the most variety into a single campaign. We did notice that character movement proves to be a double-edged sword light saber here. As Kudo rightfully touted during our talk, your avatar does an exceptional job of translating your own movements into authentic Jedi motions, from wielding weapons  to using the force but our biggest gripe comes from actual locomotion within the environments of the game, forcing gamers to physically  jump or lunge just to get to the thick of the next battle. It’s a definite downside for hardcore gamers who want the Star Wars experience without committing to a cardio workout. If we wanted to sweat, we’d join a gym, not the Jedi council. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We give Star Wars Kinect two light sabers (or one of those Darth Maul double-sided bowstaff things) way up.” -


Fun Fact: We were hopeful for a Jar Jar Binks Punching Bag mini-game and Kudo stifled a not-approved-by-George Lucas-laugh when we suggested it to him. Fingers crossed for it showing up in Star Wars Kinect 2.


Special Editions:Star Wars Kinect has, hands down, the most exciting special edition we’ve ever seen. If you can think of anything more badass than an Xbox that looks like R2D2 or a controller that from spare C3P0 parts, we’d like to see it. These ARE the droids you’re looking for.

Who’s It For: Star Wars fans looking for work out; kids with too much energy; real Jedi.