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Street Fighter X Tekken

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3, PC, Xbox, PS Vita
Star Rating: 
8 out of 10

The X is for your eye, once we punch you in the face.


The Pitch: Capcom, evil little collectors that they are, has teamed up with yet another developer to inject new fighters into their Street Fighter series. This time Ryu and Chun Li face off against King and Julia as Street Fighter X’s Tekken.


What It Really Is: Capcom takes the front seat in this one, lending much of the Street Fighter IV combat and a good chunk of its roster to a surprisingly well-balanced mash-up with Tekken. Fans of either fighting game will immediately slink into their routines but two new additions shake up the formula; Pandora and Gems. Pandora, aptly named after the infamous box, lets you unleash a ten second barrage of unmetered savagery in a last ditch effort to take down your opponent. Gems, the subject of some controversy in the fictitious fight clubs of the world, can either boost or assist your fighting and are chosen in pre-fight loadouts. We noticed that they do give unskilled fighters an undeserved advantage but, when the punches are flying, there’s still no substitute for thumbs of fury. Ready-Made Press Blurb: “We haven’t been this excited for a mash up since our aunt’s Peanut Butter Salad!”-


Fun Fact: Daigo Umehara (aka The Beast) is probably the world’s most famous Street Fighter player. The fun fact is that you can definitely kick his ass in real life.


Special Edition: The special edition comes with the usual suspects: art book, prequel comic book, 5” bank and 36 Gems to help your pathetic skills. If you have an extra $160 bucks lying around your dorm you can also pick up the SFXTK Arcade Stick and never pump another quarter into an arcade cabinet again.


Who’s It For: Aspiring fighters who don’t have the balls to join a real fight club, fighter fans, people who are probably better at video games than you.