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Tekken 6's Hot Bot: Alisa Bosconovitch

Tekken 6 is available at game stores near you and while we could probably write a mini-novella on why being able to fight as a bear and a kangaroo is simply amazing, we're going to let Alisa Bosconovitch's curves explain why we love the game already.

Unfortunately, rubbing her back might send you to the hospital—this girl's got a jet pack hidden in there. Oh, and, rockets in her feet!

"The [development] team wanted to create a fighter that would be totally new to the franchise, who had a variety of attacks and a fighting system never-before-seen in the series," said In Joon Hwang, brand manager for Tekken 6.

With that kind of firepower tucked away in her girly parts, we'd have to agree that their mission was accomplished. Born from the demented mind of Doctor Boskonovitch—a dude on a mission to resurrect his deceased daughter—Alisa is a cyborg who can contort her body on a whim and is able to turn her arms, legs, and head into projectiles. Not exactly the "bring home to the parents" type.

But, she's not the first to turn up the heat as a computerized humanoid, following a long line of TV and cartoon hotties with special powers (outside of making guys drool, of course). Check out our slideshow of the hottest robots.