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The Amazing Spider-Man

Release Date: 
Game Platform: 
PS3/Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS

Amazing, but not outstanding.

The Pitch: Returning to the open world of NYC after two linear games, Spider-Man continues the story of his summer blockbuster movie by combating deadly nanobots, genetically mutated villains and probably some midsummer blues.

What It Really Is: The Amazing Spider-Man shows off a lot of good in Beenox’s return to an open-world Spidey game. Firstly, there’s the POV change to a closer 3rd person over the shoulder camera. It’s a big improvement and reminds us of the first time we played EA’s Skate after years of Tony Hawk. Everything feels more visceral and fun this way.  The other major change in this Spidey title is the addition of Web Rush. Initially feeling clunky and unnecessary, Web Rush becomes a great asset in slowing down time and letting Spidey navigate the streets of NYC with some parkour flavor. But, with great assets comes great responsibility and this is actually where Amazing falls short. The story, which takes place after the events of the movie, just doesn’t carry much weight. Any open-world, comic book video game begs a comparison to the Arkham series and Spidey, though capable of taking on a crowd of baddies like Batman, just doesn’t pack as much of a punch. This makes for drawn out fist fights against scrubs and some formulaic boss battles that aren’t as exciting as we’d hoped. One day Beenox is gonna realize that making a great Spider-Man game has nothing to do with extending someone else’s story. Until then, we’ll take this very good but not great adventure with Spidey. Ready-Made Press Blurb: The Amazing Spider-Man is the most amazing Amazing Spider-Man in the history of Amazing Spider-Man”

Fun Fact: Amazon Pre-orderers actually got a Stan Lee skin to use in-game that adds a bonus mini-game of collecting pages from one of Marvel’s upcoming movie scripts. We always knew Stan was superhuman, now we have proof.

Who’s It For: Spider-Man fans who want to know what happened after the movie would do well to pick up this interactive piece of epilogue. Strangely, the game takes place after the movie but was released a week BEFORE the movie, meaning anyone who wants to spoil some of the movie’s plot points for themselves should probably have picked this up a few days ago.